QAR 42.1QAR 72.7

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  • Air-tight inner core: Energy efficient and no fiberglass erosion into air stream
  • Encapsulated wire helix: No unravelling when cut to length, thus easy to install
  • Smooth inner core: Low friction loss and low operating cost
  • Thick blanket of fiberglass insulation, making it energy efficient and possessing excellent thermal characteristics
  • Tough reinforced metallized polyester jacket, making it tear and puncture resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Packaged in a lightweight compact carton, which reduces warehousing and jobsite handling cost
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QAR 42.1QAR 72.7


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Product specifications:

  • Recommended operating pressure: 6” w.g. pos 4”-12” dia., 4” w.g pos 14” dia, ¾” w.g neg all dia.
  • Rated positive pressure: 10” w.g
  • Maximum velocity: 5,000 FMP
  • R-value: 4.2
  • operating temperature: -290C to 600C (at maximum pressure), -290C to 600C (at 2” pos w.g pressure)
  • Standard length: 25 ft.
  • Standard diameter: 4”-14”


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