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FEVICOL MICROPROTECT is a polyacrylic copolymer emulsion specifically formulated for long-term fungicidal protection, with no loss of activity on aging. It is formulated to effectively prevent the spread of molds and odor-causing bacteria on its surface.
Fevicol Microprotect guards against the re-growth and spread of odor-causing bacteria and molds on the surface of the coated HVAC system.

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QAR 550.0QAR 570.5

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• Coating recommended on internal metal surface of Supply Air and Fresh air ducts of HVAC system.

• It is purely Eco-friendly Anti-microbial coating.

• Prevent long term fungicidal growth on HVAC Duct system.

• Protection against odor- causing bacterial.

• Protection against Molds.

• Excellent fire resistive properties in compliance with ASTM E-84.

• Meets VOC compliance of LEED IEQ 4.2 & It is ideal for Green Certified & Safety Priority projects.


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